Home for the Holidays

Posted by Stacey JanssenDec 20, 20220 Comments

Everyone here at Janssen Estate Probate & Elder Law wish you and your family all the best for health and happiness in the holiday season.  The holiday season is a very good time to have a family check in about life and estate planning. This is especially true with our elderly relatives.  As we age, our limitations can seem to come on unexpectedly, so it is important to plan and communicate that plan with those we love.  So, if you are home this holiday with your parents or grandparents, it is never too early to inquire about what the plans are in the event they become ill and cannot care for themselves. Many families focus on what will become of the estate at death, but incapacity and illness can be an even greater threat to financial wellness and independence.  The single most important documents in planning for incapacity are the financial power of attorney and health care directives.  These documents appoint the people you trust to manage your finances and your health care if you cannot.  These documents do not need to be difficult or complicated, but they can save your family money and time if properly prepared.  These documents are not just for the elderly, but for every adult. Along with asking your parents about their plans, the holidays can be a good time to catch those college students at home and have them prepare a financial power of attorney and medical directives.  Making plans for illness or incapacity may not sound like a fun project for the family over the holidays, but it is a responsible and ultimately an act of love for ourselves and those we care about.  If you have questions about estate planning or planning for long term care, we at Janssen Estate Probate & Elder Law are here to help.  Have a happy holiday and we look forward to hearing from you in the New Year.