Lawyers For Senior Citizens In Kansas And Missouri

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lawyers for senior citizens in kansas and missouri

Janssen Estate Probate & Elder Law can provide assistance and expertise when searching for 'lawyers for senior citizens in Kansas and Missouri'. Our legal professionals can offer assistance as you look for help for senior citizens. Janssen Estate Probate & Elder Law has proudly served clients throughout the Kansas City Metropolitan Area for 35 years with our team of professional experts who are both committed and knowledgeable. We believe that informed clients can make better decisions regarding their estate planning.

Are you or a loved one living in Kansas or Missouri and interested in understanding the value and role of elder law lawyers can be transformational? In this article, we'll look into their work, their fees, benefits they bring as well as when to hire one and what qualities to look out for when hiring a lawyer.


What Do You Call An Attorney Who Specializes In Representing Senior Citizens?

'Elder law lawyers' specialize in issues affecting senior citizens such as estate planning, Medicaid/Medicare coverage, and Social Security benefits for long-term healthcare needs as well as protecting senior citizens' rights and well-being.


How Can An Elder Law Lawyers Help You?

  • Navigating Legal Complexity: Lawyers specializing in elder law can be invaluable allies when navigating the legal maze, protecting your interests by creating wills or trusts on your behalf.
  • Long-Term Care: These lawyers can guide you through the complexities of long-term care, helping you make informed choices regarding assisted living facilities, nursing homes, home care providers, and Medicaid eligibility planning. Furthermore, these lawyers may help manage assets.
  • Social Security and Medicare: These can be confusing to understand, and having a lawyer who specializes in elder law will ensure you receive your benefits and are free of disputes.
  • Guardianship and Conservatorship: Elder Law lawyers can help establish guardianship or conservatorship over senior's affairs to ensure their best interest is being handled responsibly.


How Do Elder Law Lawyers Charge in Kansas And Missouri?

Cost is often an important consideration when seeking legal assistance, and elder law lawyers typically offer various fee structures to meet client needs.

  • Hourly Fees: Some lawyers charge hourly fees that vary based on location and experience.
  • Flat Fees: These are charged for specific services, like writing or creating a trust. They provide an accurate way of estimating the price upfront.
  • Contingency Fees: Elder law lawyers may be paid on a contingency basis in certain instances of elder abuse and neglect, often to cover medical costs related to this affliction.


Why Should You Hire an Elder Law Lawyer? 

Hiring a legal representative who specializes in elder law may be beneficial for various reasons.

  • Expertise: As elder law is a highly specialized area, having someone with extensive knowledge in this area can be extremely valuable.
  • Peace of Mind: Trust that your legal matters are in capable hands and take comfort knowing they will be handled efficiently.
  • Customized Solutions: Elder law lawyers offer tailored legal solutions that fit the unique circumstances of each case.
  • Legal Compliance: When handling complex legal issues like Medicaid eligibility, it is wise to consult with a lawyer so as to ensure all regulations are adhered to.


When Should You Hire An Attorney?

Hiring the appropriate elder law lawyer at the right time can have a tremendous effect on your situation. Legal advice should be sought in any of the following instances:

  • Early Planning: Now is always the time to plan for retirement years, with an experienced lawyer helping you create an estate planning document covering all aspects of your lifetime.
  • Healthcare Crisis: Hiring a lawyer when experiencing medical difficulty can be invaluable. They will help guide decisions regarding treatment and ensure you receive top-quality healthcare services.
  • Legal Disputes: When facing disputes related to estate, benefits, or any other matter concerning seniors, it is imperative that they consult an attorney.
  • Update Legal Documents: Shifts in family dynamics such as divorce or the arrival of grandchildren may require modifications to legal documents.


What Criteria Must I Follow In Order To Select An Effective Lawyer?

Consider these criteria when selecting the most suitable elder law lawyer:

  • Experience: Look for a lawyer with proven success in elder law.
  • Reputation: To assess a lawyer's reputation, read reviews and request references.
  • Communication: Your lawyer should be able to explain complex legal matters in terms that are easily digestible for you.
  • Transparency: Lawyers who are forthcoming about fees, timelines, and potential outcomes, won't hesitate to be upfront with clients about all their information.
  • Empathy: Working with seniors requires extra empathy from lawyers, so make sure the one you hire possesses this quality.


Why Choose Janssen Estate Probate & Elder Law

Janssen Estate Probate & Elder Law stands out as an Elder Law firm in Kansas and Missouri by exceeding all criteria of reputable elder law practice. Our team boasts 35 years of experience, offering tailored legal solutions that give peace of mind to clients.

  • Experience and Expertise: Seniors in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area trust in us because of our team's wealth of knowledge in elder law.
  • Client-Centered Approach: We place great emphasis on open and honest dialogue with our clients to ensure they fully comprehend their legal choices.
  • Empathy and Care: Our team understands the unique challenges that seniors face and is committed to providing services with compassion and understanding.
  • Customized Solutions: Every situation differs, so we tailor legal strategies specifically designed to your needs and goals.


Suggestions For Action

Take immediate steps if you are an elderly resident in Kansas or Missouri or responsible for one. Use these steps to ensure their golden years will go as smoothly as possible:

  • Explore reviews and recommendations regarding elder law lawyers offering services in your locality.
  • Consult with lawyers about your needs to ascertain their suitability.
  • Make a list of your concerns and goals so you can share them with the lawyer during the consultation session.
  • Your lawyer must offer an agreeable fee structure.
  • Choose a lawyer who understands and communicates effectively with your values and can establish rapport.

Follow these easy steps as a senior living in Kansas or Missouri to secure yourself with a bright future. Contact us today at 913-322-6300 or send us an email on our Contact Page.